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SEMIRAMIS SRL is a private, limited liability company, registered at J03/2256/1992 Chamber of Commerce, having premises in Pitesti, 57.Exercitiu str., Arges county.Its capital is :4 100 000 RON.(approximately 921350 EUR).Our core activity takes place within the field of European road transportation of goods.The main destinations handled by our company, after 14 years of experience, are: Spain, Italy, France, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Portugal, UK, Norway, Hungary etc.We are interested both in round trips with tractor&trailer or only with tractor and in spot runs, too.We own 105 vehicles ( Volvo and Mercedes tractors with Schmitz and Krone semitrailers).Now, our fleet consisted of mostly MEGA tautliners (50 vehicules), proper for hygienic and safety transportation conditions requested by the rules in force.The height of the tautliners is adjustable.Besides these, we are very proud of our 55 reefers for temperature controlled goods or general ones which claim special safety conditions: 4 mega, 3 standard with double deck and 48 standard vehicles. The action of the fleet renewal started in the second part of 2015 and it was accomplished during December.We have more than 10 years of experience in temperature controlled transportation, being service providers for important producers and distributors in this field.All our reefer trucks are equipped with 33 pallets, 3 locking bars, padlocks, thermometers. Most of them have the possibility to weight the goods during the loading. Our drivers are trained in order to fulfill, together with the vehicles, the requirements of our clients, achieving high performance indicators.All the drivers possess the safety equipment requested by our customers.Our tautliner fleet is equipped with 15 belts, 30 edge protectors and 5 rolls of anti-slip mats.The whole fleet now is consisting of EURO5, EEV and EURO6 tractors. The tautliners are according EN 12642 - code XL. An important part of our fleet was purchased and renewed within 2013, the average age of the vehicles at the beginning of 2015 being only 3 years. After the renewal from the last year the average age has been decreased to 2 years.Another plan for the near future will lead us to the renewal of all the older vehicles than those manufactured before 2010. This means a number of other 19 trucks.Our company is also specialized in special EQUIPMENT transportation.Being supported by our partners fleet of vans(50 vehicles of 3.5to and 10 of 7.5to), we are also prepared to provide LTL transportation services or dedicated loads for small consignments.Due to the seriousness of managing every order, to the flexibility and promptness put forward to the request of our clients, to the close cooperation to each and every customer, to the fulfillment of the loading/unloading deadlines, to the employment of a modern fleet and not the least, due to our young and dynamic team, Semiramis SRL made it's name in the international and domestic market.In our activity we are sustained by an up-to-date management system.As future plans we foresee the building of a 10000 sqm warehouse and of a modern headquarters, including service, spraying workshop, filling station and parking.In this moment, if it is needed we can offer the possibility of parking vehicles in our yard. This is surrounded with a perimeter security system, the staying being safe and secure.Also, our actual service is authorized to effect the operations for the periodic technical inspection.Our company is in full expansion and is proud to have a well developed customer portfolio and a great number of partners. The relationships with these companies led to a reliable and professional business environment.Semiramis is much more than a haulier: we wish to stand-by our customers, to create solid partnerships, offering particular solutions for each and every client, supporting him in being competitive on the market.Regarding the quality of our services, we guarantee the safety and the promptness of our services by the means ofour transportation equipment, our drivers training as well as our whole professional team.We wish to underline that our entire fleet has CMR insurance within the limit of 100000 EUR/each semitrailer with possibility to extend its value.Hopping that we succeeded in catching your interest, we are expecting for a positive reply related to the fields we can cooperate in, remaining available for further details.

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