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The Vega Rafinery is member of ROMPETROL group since 1999.At present Vega's processing capacity is of 10,000 b/d (40,000 t/mo or 500,000 t/yr).Vega Refinery first set up in 1905 and completely upgraded in the 1970 and in 2000-2005 too, and is focused to produce:- n-hexane;- white-spirit;- ecological solvents (SBP-Special Boiling Point Spirits);- ecological fuel oils (Heating Oil);- special bitumen;- road bitumen;- road bitumen with polymers;- citom;- feed stock (VGO) for catalytic cracking.The Vega Refinery, member of the ROMPETROL group, has the state of the art technologies that allow it to produce and deliver, under request, a wide range of petroleum solvents "SPECIAL BOILING POINT SPIRITS"-SBP (s) grades.The typical properties of these products fulfill all requirements in order to be classified as ecological (oil) solvents (ROMPETROL SE) and bring a surplus of quality in utilization and a maximum of safety for those involved in handling and processing them.The quality of these solvents provide the best utilization in various industrial branches, including but not limited to:- Chemical industry, petrochemical industry and rubber processing industry;- Food industry (extraction and refining of vegetable oils, obtaining natural proteins);- Cleaning agents in the textiles; leather and footwear industry;- Solvents for the lacquers and paints industry;- Components for adhesives and synthetic resins;- The machine engineering industry (formulating degreasing agents).A special product of the old range of refinery products is n-hexane, the Vega Refinery of Ploiesti being the sole producer in Central and Eastern Europe, that can be used in polymerizing linear olefins, as well as in vegetal oils used in the food industry, or as a sealing agent, since it complies with all the conditions required by the legislation in force.At Vega is implemented an integrated management system (Quality, Environment, Occupational Health and Safety), certification according to ISO 9001: 2000 (Quality Management), ISO 14001 (Environmental Protection Management) by Germanischer Loyd Certification GmbH.

Furnizor de:

  • Combustibili si produse pe baza de petrol brut/titei
  • Compusi chimici de baza
  • Combustibil pentru brichete, pe baza de petrol...
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