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Strada Jiul, Nr: 2


Date de inregistrare PASMATEX SA

Informatie disponibila ca optiune
Tipul sediului Sediu central
Anul infiintarii 1991
Forma legala SA
Descrie detaliat Compania pentru a atrage oportunitati de business (NAC08) Manufacture of other textiles n.e.c. (1399)
Capital social
Registry of commerce/Nr. reg. comertului J35/66/1991
TVA RO1805190
angajati la adresa De la 100 la 249 angajati
angajati in companie De la 100 la 249 angajati
ID Kompass? RO001321

Prezentare PASMATEX SA

S.C. PASMATEX S.A. - Timisoara is a firm with tradition in the field of haberdashery - narrow fabrics.Keeping up to this tradition without forgetting to take into account the new developments in its field, the company has continuously renewed its technology, applying principles of strategic management and demonstrating great flexibility in complying to the changes that occured on the Romanian market and also to the requirements of foreign markets.The main groups of products that PASMATEX S.A. offers to its customers are:- Ribbons and textile bands;- Jacquard items: woven labels and decorative bands;- Hook and loop bands;- Knitted elastics; inscribed elastics;- Strength and elastic girths;- Printed items: printed labels, elastic and rigid printed ribbons and bands;- Items for medical use.The newest achievement of PASMATEX S.A. was the setup in 2002 of a fashion house. The first collection, named "Mary's Style" includes women clothes, especially businesswear.


Informatii generale  PASMATEX SA


Tip: SR EN ISO 9001:2001
Numarul: Nr. 317
Tip: ISO 9001/2001

Zone de import

Asia-Pacific, Europa Centrala si de Est, Europa de Vest, America de Nord, Orientul Mijlociu
Austria, Belgia, Bulgaria, China, Republica Cehă, Franţa, Germania, Grecia, Italia, Olanda, Polonia, Portugalia, Slovacia, Spania, Turcia, Statele Unite ale Americii (SUA)

Zone de export

Asia-Pacific, Orientul Mijlociu, Europa Centrala si de Est, Europa de Vest, America de Sud, Asia Centrala
Belgia, Brazilia, Bulgaria, Danemarca, Estonia, Franţa, Germania, Grecia, Ungaria, India, Israel, Italia, Peru, Portugalia, Slovenia, Suedia

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Activitati  PASMATEX SA

Producator Distribuitor Furnizor de servicii

Alte clasificari (pentru unele tari)

CAEN Rev 2 (EU 2008) : Manufacture of other textiles n.e.c. (1399)

ISIC 4 (WORLD) : Manufacture of other textiles n.e.c. (1399)